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The FQ-100™ performance fog generator is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the nightclub, theatrical and touring industries. This updated version of the industry standard F-100 fog generator produces any atmosphere – from dense fog to fine mist. The legendary Atmospheres® Fog Generating fluid is specially formulated to provide a dense, safe, water-based fog of a fine particulate size.  In addition to low noise levels ideal for theatrical and studio work, the FQ-100 also includes an internal LCD digital menu system providing the ability to set the volume control, timer control, and DMX functions as desired.  The FQ-100 performance fog generator continues the tradition and benchmark set by the original F-100.


Theatrical Fog Ansi Standards (ANSI E1.5-2003)


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FQ-100 User Manual

Version : 1.0 
Size : 523.66 kb
Hits : 931
Date added : Jan 21 2016
Date modified : Jan 21 2016

Atmospheres Fog Fluid Material Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet
Version : 20151201 
Size : 41.03 kb
Hits : 1110
Date added : Dec 1 2015
Date modified : Jan 30 2017

FQ-100 Technical Data Sheet

Size : 162.55 kb
Hits : 188
Date added : Jan 30 2017
Date modified : Jan 30 2017

FQ-100 Environ Testing Report

Size : 2.30 mb
Hits : 281
Date added : Jan 30 2017
Date modified : Jan 30 2017
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