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Technical Support



is available from 08:00 am - 17:00 pm (5:00 pm) Central Standard Time (CST)

All other times, call:

Within U.S.: +1 (800) 890-8989
Worldwide: +1 (512) 836-2242

To page a technician in North America for 24 hour, urgent support call: 1 (800) 890-8989 and select option then one of the options below:

  • For CONSOLE support, press 2
  • For FIXTURE support, press 3


Need Support?

Spot Series

High End Systems offers a fully realized family of automated spot luminaires, all featuring our bright white LED engines, plus the beautiful colors and stunning effects you’ve come to expect from HES.


Frame Series

Framing Shutters have long been a popular feature in conventional lighting, but now are a potent design tool for automated lighting requested by LDs across numerous markets. High End Systems’ Frame Series offers this versatile feature in a full range of output options.


Wash Series

Creating a beautiful color wash is a prerequisite for the modern lighting designer. To address this fundamental need, High End Systems offers a wide range of LED-based automated wash luminaires for every application and budget.


FX Series

High End Systems’ FX Series is designed for the LD that needs their meat and potatoes, but also wants the icing on top; the FX Series brings unique looks not seen a thousand times before and bold new twists on classic effects lighting.

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